Jan 19, 2019

Thank you to Mr Palan for letting me do this Ganesha piece for his home, a pleasure and an honour!

#ganesha #spiritual #honored

Jan 4, 2019

First post of the year and it's great to finally be updating again after a milestone period in my life. Thank you Kin Lam for the honour of drawing your beautiful family! Happy New Year to all!

#familymattersmost #newbeginnings #passion #friends #gratitude

Oct 27, 2018

Hard copies of Zabe Truesdell's fantasy books with my cover art being sold in USA. How exciting!

Oct 27, 2018

Thank you Vincent! It was an honour and pleasure

Oct 27, 2018

Thank you Vincent for the honour of making your niece's wedding gift and for the heartfelt testimonial!

“Traditionally, a typical wedding gift for family members is either gold, jewellery or ang pow. But my niece will marry her beloved Sri Lankan husband and move to Melbourne. A family portrait will be an excellent gift for their living room back in Melbourne. And she and her families love it so much, and I was amazed how happy she and her family are. This is throughly an amazing wedding gift drawn by Greg - an illustrator who draws from his heart" - Vincent Chiew, HydrOxygen Therapy Consultant

#family #illustrator #portrait #together #loved #weddinggift #artistsoninstagram @ Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Sep 5, 2018

Here's the recent Family Picnic art I was commissioned for, featured as a gallery print for Aset Kayamas. Special thanks to Jefferey for the opportunity!

#picnic #familyfunday

Aug 17, 2018

Thanks to Matt and Nova for letting me draw on their new cafe wall! Looking forward to the grand opening!

#mural #cafemural #diner #breakfast #menu #sausagekl #newrestaurant #wallart @ Holiday Place Kuala Lumpur

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